Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

The complete range of benefits of green coffee beans is only now starting to fully emerge. We knew that green, unroasted coffee beans are a potent anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent, but only recently have science discovered its weight management advantages.

Let’s see closely the health benefits of green coffee bean extract. Prepared to be amazed.

Antioxidant properties

Green Coffee beans are rich in anti-oxidant polyphenols. The most powerful such polyphenols found in green coffee is the chlorogenic and caffeic acids.

Chlorogenic Acid has the ability to counteract free radicals. This renders green coffee beans a powerful anti-aging tool in today’s world. Chlorogenic acid minimizes cell destruction and promotes instead cell rejuvenation, keeping your skin toned and fresh.

Weight Loss

green coffee extract benefitsThe fact that standard coffee is green coffee roasted, means that in its purest form, green coffee beans have a higher amount of these beneficial natural compounds. In addition, green coffee beans have a smaller amount of caffeine and a larger amount of chlorogenic acid.

This means that green coffee is more efficient in giving your body a metabolism boost. Chlorogenic acid once in the body, slows down the process of glucose absorption by the liver. This study states “chlorogenic acid and its related compounds are found to be involved in the enhancement of fat metabolism in the liver”

As a result, sugar levels in the bloodstream remain stable and low. In this manner, the body enters a phase where in order to acquire the necessary energy, it turns to fat tissues stored in the body to get its energy.

Of course this translates into considerable fat loss, since the body is in a way required to use stored fat as energy. Green coffee beans have another advantage; they reinforce the body’s capability to burn more lipids (fat tissue). Could it get any better?

Apparently so.

Hypertension gets milder

Green coffee beans have the ability to decrease blood pressure. Studies on humans and animals verified this green coffee beans benefit.

Diabetes and the Antioxidant chlorogenic acid

As it has been mentioned earlier, chlorogenic acid is responsible for monitoring effectively liver functions; both for the transport of toxins and fat.

Chlorogenic acid found in abundance in green coffee bean extract is said to “be associated with improved glucose tolerance and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.” Another study converged with the above study on its results regarding the benefits of chlorogenic acids for diabetes.

Gathering all Green Coffee Benefits into a Single Supplement

green coffee bean maxCurrently the market is floated with diet supplements of Green Coffee Bean extract. These supplements claim to help you shed fat and pounds fast and effortlessly.

Most of these are unfortunately scams and do not actually contain the necessary amount of coffee bean extract necessary for effective weight loss. Taking advantage of the hype revolving around green coffee’s benefits, people get rich by taking advantage of people’s need for weight loss. Something shameful to say the least.

Nonetheless, there are (fortunately) a handful of diet supplements of Green Coffee Beans extract that are indeed effective and safe to use. Among them is Green Coffee Bean Max, a natural, 100% pure extract of green coffee goodness that efficiently melts fat away.

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